Membership in the Young Artists Philharmonic provides the serious young music student with a challenging and rewarding orchestral experience.


Musicians in the Young People’s Symphony and Young Artists Philharmonic will have periodic opportunities to audition for their seating placement. Please note that these auditions take numerous factors into consideration, including technical accuracy, musicianship, and sensitivity to musical context. Contact your individual conductor for advice on how to best prepare for these auditions. The results of the seating auditions are judged by the professional musicians on staff at YAP, and are final. Any student disappointed in their result should contact their conductor to learn how to improve for the next opportunity to audition.


All YAP students are expected to enroll in a music/ensemble class at their school, and remain in good standing. Exceptions to this policy only apply in the case that there is no such program available to enroll in. Any other exceptions are made rarely and on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Orchestra Admonistrator Maria Stich at for more information.


Practice is essential to putting on exciting performances. Every member is expected to set aside personal time on a weekly basis to practice his or her orchestral parts. Members are expected to have mastered their music at home, and worked through difficult passages with their private instrumental teachers.


In order to ensure that the standard of musicianship remains high, all students must study music with a private teacher (group lessons at school do not meet this requirement). If you need help locating a private teacher, contact your conductor. Scholarship assistance may also be available to help in this area.


YAP members should take care not to lose their music, and should not rely on the conductor having extra copies. Losing music may incur a small re-printing fee.


Cell phone use, or the use of any electronic devices is prohibited during rehearsals and during concerts except in the case of an emergency.


Membership tuition for 2023/24 is $950 once in person rehearsals begin in September 2021.


It is expected that all families support the organization through the purchase of tickets at each YAP concert.


Families that have more than one child in the orchestra will receive a $100 discount per additional family member.


Tuition fees for members who choose to withdraw, or who become ineligible are non-refundable.


Visit the “Auditions” page and click the “Scholarships” tab for more information



Members in the Young Artists Philharmonic are expected to make a commitment to every rehearsal and concert. Absences greatly affect the experience of the ensemble as a whole, and make musical continuity between rehearsals difficult. Nevertheless, we understand that conflicts sometimes arise. Students are allowed two (2) excused absences during each concert rehearsal period, and 6 total. Attendance at all dress rehearsals and concerts is mandatory. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis. In order for an absence to be “excused,” you must notify Orchestra Administrator Maria Stich ( 24 hours before the rehearsal. Musicians should take care to arrive with enough time to unpack, tune, and warm up before the start of rehearsal. Excessive tardiness may be classified as an absence at the discretion of the conductor or staff.


All YAP musicians must attend all the concerts. Absence from a concert may result in dismissal from the Orchestra for the season.


YAP typically bases its inclement weather cancellations off of the school district cancelations. If any of the local schools cancel, then YAP will be cancelled as well. A notification will go out to the email addresses on file for each family, alerting them to the decision


Correct concert dress gives our performances a professional look and keeps the audience’s focus on the music. Please refer to the following concert dress guidelines. A musician who arrives at a concert dressed in a manner which does not conform to this dress code may be denied participation in the concert or be seated in the back of his/her section.



  • Long solid black skirt (ankle-length) or long black dress pants
  • Long-sleeved solid white top
  • Black shoes – no sandals
  • Black stockings / socks
  • No bare arms, midriffs, legs or feet
  • Cellists, bassists, harpists: Long solid black full skirt or long solid black loose fitting dress slacks.
  • No jeans, tight fitting, or hip-hugger pants will be allowed.


  • Plain, black dress slacks
  • White long-sleeved shirt
  • Dark tie
  • Black shoes
  • Black socks
  • No sneakers



  • Long solid black dress or skirt (ankle-length) or black dress slacks
  • Long-sleeved solid black top
  • Black shoes – no sandals
  • Black stockings
  • No bare arms, midriffs, legs or feet
  • Cellists, bassists, harpists: Long solid black full skirt or solid black dress slacks.
  • No jeans, tight fitting, or hip-hugger pants


  • Black suit
  • White shirt
  • Black shoes
  • Black socks
  • No sneakers
  • Boys in Young People’s Symphony wear dark ties
  • Boys in Young Artists Philharmonic wear black bow-ties


Tuition for the 2023-2024 season is $950 with a $100 discount for each sibling. Tuition checks are due prior to or at the first rehearsal and should be made out to “Young Artists Philharmonic.” For information about scholarship assistance, please click the “Scholarships” tab above.

No child will be denied admission to the Young Artists Philharmonic because of an inability to pay. To this end, financial assistance is available for scholarships. This assistance is available to all members regardless of age, ability, or length of time in YAP. Awards are made by the Scholarship Committee, which is comprised of the President of the Board, Music Director and the Executive Director.

Scholarship applications are available at all auditions, and are due by the first rehearsal. Applicants should provide only basic information such as address, place of business, and family situation together with verification of income after taxes. If more details are required, the Scholarship Committee will ask for them.

Once all requests have been received, the Scholarship Committee will evaluate and determine awards. Notification is sent to parents as soon as possible after awards are determined. Financial awards to assist with lessons are sent directly to private teachers. The following guidelines are used in determining scholarships:

Families as a rule must have a base net income of $75,000 or less

Special consideration is given to

  • Divorced/single parents
  • Families with other children in college or special programs -families with more than one child in YAP
  • Unemployed parents
  • Situations where the parent is supporting extended families -medical disabilities
  • Other similar hardships

To download and print the Scholarship Application Form, visit this link:

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